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I am quite a regular reader of your very informative articles and may god bless you for your good work. I am 53 years male. Covered under mediclaim & term policy. My appetite for risk is quite high. I have been investing in PPF for past 10 years. I don't have any outstanding loans. I have invested in following SIPs and would like to have your opinion on these options. MY OUTLOOK IS OF 3+ YEARS. SBI Opportunities Fund @ INR 30,000 PM, Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip @ INR 25,000 PM, ABSL Equity Fund @ INR 30,000 PM, L&T Hybrid Equity Fund @ INR 30,000 PM, HDFC Balanced Fund @ INR 30,000 PM, HDFC Equity Fund @ INR 10, 000 PM, HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities @ INR 5,000 PM. 1 TO 5 SIPs I have been investing for last 10 months & rest for 26 months. My queries: its too premature but please comment whether my SIPs are OK? whether any switching is necessary? I have 20 Lacs which I can invest lump sum. I might require these funds after 2 years for my son's MS in USA. so investing these 20L in debt fund will be a good idea? what will be it's Tax implications? or would you suggest any other option like Govt Bonds, Post Office or FD?

Jun 18, 2018 by Ashu D,   |   Mutual Fund

Happy to note that you are a regular reader of our website and also that you found our articles informative.

Coming back to your query, I could not find an open ended scheme in the name of SBI Opportunities fund and thus not making any comment on it.

Once a marquee fund, HDFC Equity Fund is no more a top performer in its category, and therefore, you may like to review your investments in this fund. Please check the top performing multi-cap funds from this link

Rest of the scheme selection for your SIPs is good. However, you must have a minimum 5 years of investment horizon as you are investing in equity and balanced funds.

For investment needs of two years, you are right about investing this money in debt funds. You can invest in short term debt mutual funds. The short term (holding period of upto 3 years) capital gains arising from debt funds are taxed at the tax rate applicable to you.

Hope you find our answer useful.

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