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How can I accumulate Rs 1 Crore after 15 years from best mutual funds

I am a 31 year old professional from Kolkata, I am a regular viewer of your website & a follower of your daily mailer. I came across your website few months back & I must tell you, it is one of the best website I had seen in India for mutual funds working & research articles. I already had some investments in mutual funds & had investment of around 1-2 lakh/annum in ELSS schemes, I also had some other investments of mutual funds. My objective writing this mail to you, to get some suggestions. I had a objective / target of making RS 1 crore value from 15 years from now, I want to know what maximum return I should consider, based on that my SIP amount & funds would be decided. I required your advice on what avg return I should consider to invest & what funds should I invest, I want to invest in smaller SIP multiplier funds. Looking forward for your kind support & advice on this?

Sep 5, 2017 by Sumit Banerjee,   |   Mutual Fund

Sorry for reverting late, the reason being we are flooded with queries and it is always not possible to answer as promptly as you may expect.

Coming back to your query, please note the following -

1. To get One Crore after 15 years, assuming you would invest in equity mutual funds and excepted annualized return of 12%, you can invest Rs 20,000 through monthly SIPs for 15 years.

However, you should note that investing in mutual fund should be based on your risk taking ability. For example - if you can take high risk then diversified equity funds or midcap funds could be good. However, in case of moderately high risk, balanced funds and large cap funds are good and for moderate risk you should invest in hybrid debt funds also known as MIPs.

I have used this tool to know the SIP amount https://www.advisorkhoj.com/tools-and-calculators...

I have assumed 12% return from equity funds. But, if you are investing in balanced / large cap funds and MIPs then assuming 11% and 10% respectively would be good.

You can check the top funds from any category from here - https://www.advisorkhoj.com/mutual-funds...

2. However, I could not understand this line in your query "....I want to invest in smaller SIP multiplier funds..." Can you please elaborate?

Hope the above is helpful. Please let me know how else can I help?

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