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How to get monthly return while protecting principal investments

I want to Invest in Lump sum 5 Lakhs in any good 3 SWP or any other good safe fund return 10-12% expecting time horizon 4 years, can you suggest any good fund name. My priority is see following 2 points - 1. Principal should be very safe (Market fluctuates should not affect), 2. SWP or Dividend should be come on time without fail?

Jan 5, 2019 by Swaminathan R,   |   Mutual Fund

We suggest that you should not opt for SWP from mutual funds as foremost criteria of your investment is ‘principal should be very safe’.

Please note that mutual fund investments carry market risk and therefore, the value of your investments may go up or come down depending upon the market movement. Moreover, neither the principal investment is secured nor there is any assurance on returns.

Please also note that dividends from mutual funds are paid out of the profit made by the fund / or from the reserve that the fund may have. Therefore, the continuity of dividend payment is not assured. However, SWP payments are made to you by redeeming units from your investments and therefore, the SWP amount will continue to be credited to your bank account on the date chosen as long as you have sufficient unit balances.

Read more about SWP and dividends here https://www.advisorkhoj.com/miraeasset...

While we have briefed you about dividend payments and SWPs for your knowledge, we believe that you should look at fixed income investments like fixed deposits etc. for meeting your monthly cash flow needs considering that you are looking at very safe investment options.

Wishing you the best.

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