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What is the objective of your blog

I am new to this blog. I wish to know the objective of this blog?

Dec 6, 2016 by Nishith Kumar Jain, New Delhi  |   General

The objective of Advisorkhoj is to help the investment advisory eco system in India. There are three stake holders in the eco system – Investors, Advisors and Companies.

We help investor by simplifying investing jargons, research and replying to their queries. Our idea is that each individual should become an informed investor.

We list services of the advisors so that investors can connect to them in their neighbourhood. Advisors also use our various tools, articles and research which help them in advising their clients and thus build their business.

For companies, we provide them with quality content and research and help them popularise their funds and investing concepts, if it matches with our objectives.

Thanks of writing to us.

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