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Nowdays which fund is the best to invest

Now days in which fund is best to invest? Front line - Funds name, Mid cap - Funds name, Balance fund - Funds name?

Aug 23, 2016 by Paresh R Shah, Baroda  |   Mutual Fund

Investment in mutual funds is subject to market risk and therefore before investing in a particular category of funds, you must check your risk profile. Please use this tool to know your risk taking appetite - https://www.advisorkhoj.com/tools...

But generally speaking, if you are a moderate to high risk taker, then you should invest in diversified mutual fund schemes. The best financial advisors suggest this category of funds as this comprises of large cap, small and midcap stocks across various sectors and market caps. To know the top diversified equity fund scheme names, please check this tool Top Performing Diversified Equity Funds over 5 years

However, if you want to know top funds of other categories, then you may have a look at the following too –

Top Performing Large Cap Funds

Top Performing Mid and Small Cap Funds

Top Performing Balanced Funds

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