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Which are probable ongoing schemes across AMCs which may give better results in future

In your newsletter, sometimes the posts appear for schemes performed very well/outperformed in past (e.g. Outstanding SIP returns by SBI Magnum Midcap Fund in the last 10 years) [reading these details one gets idea, what investor has missed out] As an investor, one would like to find which are probable onging/NFO schemes across AMCs, which may give better results in future. That list will be of more interest to current/newly joining investor in the industry. This is my personal opinion?

Jul 6, 2016 by Vivek, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund

We do fund reviews of schemes which have done in the past as well as has the potential of doing well in future too. Though past performance of mutual funds are no indicator of future returns, but the past performance speaks a lot about the fund pedigree, ability of the fund manager to deliver returns and the fund management practices and processes of an AMC.

There is no specific tool to show which fund will perform well in future and to choose such funds. However, after doing proper research and analysis, we do review the funds which may perform well in future. For example – Top 10 best diversified equity mutual funds to invest in 2016 and Top 7 best mid and small cap funds to invest in 2016. This may be a good reference point for the new mutual fund investors.

You may further explore our series of best performing SIP funds – Large Cap Funds, ELSS Funds, Mid and Small Cap Funds and Diversified Equity Funds as reference point about performance of SIPs of different fund categories.

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