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How much I need to save for my children education

I am 40 years old having two sons, elder aged 7 and younger aged 3. I have invested Rs. 5 lacs in Mutual funds (Balanced funds) (Long term horizon) also have taken a policy of Rs. 5 Lacs (50k investment for 5 years, locking period) in HDFC young star plan for my younger son and LIC policy for my Elder Son. and I have a current savings of Rupees 5 Lacs. Would appreciate if you could let me know how much more investment I need to secure my boys education when they will be 20 years old?

Sep 22, 2016 by Ashley Fernandes, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund

Your query is incomplete. You have not mentioned the future or current cost of the higher education that your kids would like to pursue when they are aged 20?

Therefore, we are unable to reply!

Thanks: )

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