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Is my current portfolio right for my retirement purpose

My age is 50. My investments in mutual funds are ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund, HDFC Short Term Fund, HDFC Balanced Fund, Birla Sun Life Short Term Opportunities Fund, Franklin India Prima Plus Fund, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund, Franklin India Tax Shield Growth, Franklin India Tax Shield Dividend, Franklin India Balanced Fund & Franklin India Blue Chip Fund. Total Value ~ 9.8 Lacs. Since last three months, started four monthly SIPs of Rs. 5000 each in HDFC Balanced Fund, ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage Fund, Franklin India Taxshield Growth & Franklin India Growth Fund. My annual PPF contribution is 1.5 lacs. Please advise if my investment portfolio is correct from retirement perspective at age of 60 years?

Sep 22, 2016 by A Chakraborti, Mumbai  |   Mutual Fund

1. Your fund selection across balanced, ELSS, midcap, large cap and debt funds is good.

2. Your current mutual fund portfolio value is 9.80 Lakhs but we do not know in what proportion you have invested in debt and /or equities. Therefore, if we take an average of 12.50% annual return from here onward, then you can expect a corpus of 31.82 lakhs when you retire at age 60.

3. You have not mentioned since how long you are investing in PPF account? However, assuming that your PPF account will be 15 years when you are retiring then you can expect a corpus of around 40.00 Lakhs.

4. However, we could not understand why you are investing in ELSS funds when you are investing Rs. 150,000 annual in PPF, which is the maximum amount one can avail as section 80C benefit per year. You should either invest in PPF or in ELSS or may invest partly in both upto the maximum allowable limit of Rs. 150,000

5. SIPs - your monthly SIP of Rs. 20,000 can get you a corpus of another Rs. 48.00 Lakhs after 10 years (assuming return @12.50% per annum)

You should now calculate your monthly expenses and other requirements post retirement and check if the above corpus is sufficient or not in meeting your retirement needs.

Hope the above helps! thanks !!

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