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Is my mutual fund portfolio correct or should I add more mid cap funds

I am 30 years old IT professional. Can you please advise me on my Mutual Fund Portfolio which I am seeing to invest in for 5-7 Years of Horizon: 1) Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund - 1000, 2) SBI Blue Chip - 2500, 3) Kotak Select Focus - 1500, 4) DSP Micro Cap - 2000, 5) Reliance Small Cap - 1000, 6) Frnaklin Small Companies - 1500, 7) Birla Sun Life Advatnge Fund - 2000. So, Portfolio is like: Large Cap: 5000, Mid and Small Cap: 4500, Diversified: 2000. Kotak Select Focus, I am considering as Large Cap as on MonyeCOntrol it is listed as Large Cap but, on your website annd ValueResearch it comes under Diversified scheme. My question is is the Portfolio good enough to continue with, I want some good returns so for time horizon of say 7 years shall I increase Mid Cap Proportion in the portfolio? Any advise will be helpful?

Sep 6, 2016 by Mohit, Mathura  |   Mutual Fund

Your fund selection for SIPs is absolutely fine and you may go ahead and start investing. Your time horizon of 7 years is also fine as far as investing in these funds through SIP is concerned.

Yes, you are right – categorisation of funds in different websites are different in case of some funds and this may be the case with Kotak Select Focus as well. Advisorkhoj and Valueresearch consider this fund as diversified equity fund as you rightly mentioned.

You need not increase the exposure in mid cap funds any more as you already have chosen 3 funds from this category - DSPBR Micro Cap, Franklin India Smaller Companies and Reliance Small Cap funds falls under mid and small cap category.

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