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Should I redeem my investment in HDFC Top 200 Fund

I have invested Rs. 41000 in HDFC Top 200(G) fund in year 2010. As now days sensex is at top, should I exit or sensex will make more high in future. As on today I'm getting my money doubled?

Sep 6, 2016 by Varad Raj, Rishikesh  |   Mutual Fund

It is very difficult to predict the markets and thus advise if you should redeem your investments in HDFC Top 200 Fund or not?

Having said that, our suggestion would be to hold on to the investment simply because the longer you remain invested in equities the higher could be the compounded returns. In the long run Indian markets look very attractive and thus equity investments can deliver superior return than any other asset class.

However, you must also assess your risk taking ability and know the investment horizon.

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