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Wanted to know more about Reliance SIMPLY SAVE Mobile App

Wanting to know about Reliance Money App?

Sep 6, 2016 by N.L.Narasimha Rao,   |   Mutual Fund

This is called SIMPLY SAVE Mobile App.

Launched by Reliance Mutual Fund, SIMPLY SAVE App helps you to invest in Reliance Money Manager Fund instantly. Investment in Reliance Money Manager fund is equivalent to keeping your idle money in savings bank account. But the returns of Reliance Money Manager Fund is approx 8% compared to savings bank account which is around 4%.

The other convenience is that the investments in Reliance Money Manager fund can be redeemed anytime (24x7x365 days) and your bank account gets credited within 30 minutes!

Simply speaking, the whole idea is that investors can now earn almost double returns compared to their savings bank account with ease.

Please visit this https://www.reliancemutual.com/campaigns... to know more about SIMPLY SAVE app or just give a MISSED CALL on 8080 944 787

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