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Should I blindly do SIPs every month or try to time the market

First of all, you are doing a great job by providing very informative articles on MF. Also, those MF research section is very impressive. I need to invest 70K for a span of 10 years. I have already started 30K in RD for 10 years, so need your advise of rest 40K in Pure equity MF. I can take fair amount of risk as I can stretch the term > 10 years for more returns. Just started investing in following funds, 1. Franklin Smaller Company Fund - Direct/Growth - 20K, 2. ICIC Pru Value Discovery Fund - Direct/Growth - 20K. I refrained from large cap, as I already allocated half in RD. 1) Advise on the above portfolio. 2) Using Valueresearch site to track my portfolio - you can also suggest best site/app to monitor. 3) Should I blindly do SIP every month or try to time the market (save money and wait for market correction to invest)?

Sep 3, 2016 by Sri, Malaysia  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for the kind words and the appreciation. Glad that you like our articles and also the mutual fund research section.

With regards to your RD, I think you are doing it through a bank. Here our suggestion would be to invest your RD amount through SIP in debt mutual funds as debt mutual funds provide superior post tax returns and safety as there is no equity exposure.

For your SIP of 10 years in equity funds, you should invest in diversified category of equity mutual funds considering your risk profile. In the last 10 years diversified equity funds have given 15 – 21% annualized returns which you can check from here – SIP in top performing diversified equity mutual funds in the last 10 years

Please also read these –



Your selection of Franklin India Smaller companies and ICICI Prudential Value discovery Fund is good. Both are well known wealth creators in their respective categories.

Valueresearch portfolio tracker is good to monitor your mutual fund investments. Money Control website also provides a mutual fund tracker. Other than these two, we are not aware about any other good mutual fund portfolio tracker. However, we are also launching a tracker which can help you monitor your mutual funds in real time - Once we launch, will let you know.

SIP is the best and proven way for wealth creation in the long run. Therefore, unnecessarily trying to time the market will kill lot of your time and your investment objectives may or may not be met. Do SIP and stay invested, should be your investing mantra : )

Hope we could answer all your queries and it is helpful to you.

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