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Which scheme my wife should invest her Rs. 5000 SIP

My wife is willing to invest a sum of Rs. 5000 per month through SIP in mutual fund in the name of my minor son who is 8 year old for a tenure of 22 year. In this regard please suggest me how I have to allocate a ideal portfolio to receive a good return after completion of 22 year?

Sep 6, 2016 by Chandrashekhar Rathod, Hyderabad  |   Mutual Fund

It is heartening to note that your wife wants to invest for 22 years through SIP. She should invest in 1 or 2 good diversified equity mutual funds.

Please select a good diversified fund from here – Top performing diversified equity funds. Please note that your wife should also review her SIP investment atleast once every two years to see if the same is aligned to her long term goals.

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