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Fund Name AMC Name Launch Date Nav Date Nav Units No of
SIP value as on
SIP value as on
XIRR (%)
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Cash Flow

Mutual Fund SIP Calculator helps you get returns of any 5 mutual fund schemes of your choice in a category that you select. You can input the SIP amount, select the SIP frequency like monthly, fortnightly and quarterly. You can also select the SIP start and end date and get the results which shows the AMC name, scheme inception date, NAV date, number of SIP instalments, invested value, SIP value as on the selected date and the SIP returns in XIRR (%). Over and above the returns, you can also see the cash flow for the period chosen for each scheme with details like, NAV date, NAV, cumulative units, cumulative investment amount and market value. The results can be downloaded in excel.

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