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Top 10 mutual funds in India - Equity Funds Diversified

Scheme Name 2015 Return (%) / Rank 2016 Return (%) / Rank 2017 Return (%) / Rank 2018 Return (%) / Rank 2019 YTD Return (%) / Rank

Quartile rankings are a measure of how well a mutual fund has performed against all other funds in its category. The rankings range from "Top Quartile" to "Bottom Quartile" for each year over the last 5 years. The Quartile rankings for each year are compiled by sorting the funds based on descending order of returns in that year. Funds in the top 25% are assigned the ranking of "Top Quartile", the next 25% are assigned a ranking of "Upper Middle Quartile", the next 25% after that are assigned a ranking of "Lower Middle Quartile" and the lowest 25% are assigned the ranking of "Bottom Quartile". While, the current quartile ranking of a mutual fund scheme is important, for long term investors the consistency of performance is equally, if not more, important.

To identify most consistent performers in a particular category, we have looked at annual quartile ranking of funds over the last 5 years and assigned consistency scores to funds based on the quartile ranks. Funds which have been consistently in the top 2 quartiles have got the highest consistency scores. Funds which were in the lower quartiles in any year in the last 5 years, got lower consistency scores. If two funds got the same consistency score, we looked at current year performance to rank them in descending order.

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