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This is our first review of a liquid fund in We thought that we would start our liquid fund review with one of the best liquid funds, the Canara Robeco Liquid Fund. Retail investor’s interest in liquid fund is still quite low in our country...Read More

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Mutual Fund monthly income plans are debt oriented hybrid funds. Usually a maximum of 25% of the asset allocation goes to equity and the balance to debt. The debt portion of the asset allocation ensures stability of income, while the equity...Read More

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In our article, Top 5 short term debt mutual funds in 2015, we had reviewed some of the best short term debt funds based on certain criteria. While short term debt funds are ideal for conservative investors looking for stable returns over...Read More

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Of the several mutual funds product categories available in the market, gilt funds are probably the least understood product category. Many retail investors stay away from gilt funds and many others have wrong strategies when investing...Read More

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Debt mutual funds offer a large variety of products that cater to a wide spectrum of investment needs, risk profiles and interest rate scenarios. While bank fixed deposit is almost an automatic choice for most retail investors as far as short...Read More

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Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plans (MIPs) are one of the best investment options for investors with moderate risk tolerance. Monthly Income Plans are conservative hybrid mutual funds which invest 70 – 75% of their portfolio assets...Read More

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Most of us keep our money lying in savings bank if we plan to use them in short term (less than 12 months) and park it in fixed deposits if we do not plan to use it in the short term (more than 12 months). We have discussed in our blogs that...Read More

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There is growing awareness of mutual funds in our country among retail investors. Retail mutual fund folios grew by over 15 lacs, a new record, in the quarter ending September 30, 2015. This was the fourth successive record quarter on...Read More

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It is very hard to let go off the fixed deposits, especially when the interest rates are as high as 9.5%, close to a double digit. An investor might think it is even foolish to consider Debt funds in such a scenario because...Read More

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A vast majority of risk averse investors prefer bank fixed deposits to debt mutual fund schemes. Perception of risk and lack of financial awareness are the contributing factors. For investors who are willing to sacrifice...Read More