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If you are a young aspiring Independent Financial Advisor (IFA),then you will surely want to know how to start your IFA practice. Ask any IFA and the answer will be broadly on these lines. First of all, you need to pass the NISM exam. Then you need to get an AMFI Registration Number (ARN). The next step will be to get empanelled with various Asset...Read More

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There are divergent views on this topic among financial advisors. A majority of financial advisors that I know think that social media has limited use in their businesses. However, I know some advisors have been very successful in leveraging...Read More

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Referral is a tried and tested client acquisition channel in the financial advisory business. Some mutual fund distributors have been very successful in growing their business through referrals, while others have not been able to achieve any...Read More

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The question has been haunting me for the last three years since I attended a training program on usage of social media in an IFA’s business. The program covered Facebook, Hoot suite, Quora, Twitter, Linked-in and one more platform which shows...Read More

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I constantly see financial advisors share information about various Funds performances, Funds beating their respective benchmarks by huge margin and funds giving 80-100 times return in X no. of years. That leaves me thinking how does...Read More

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One of the biggest challenges that many financial advisors face, is seeing revenues plateau off after an initial period of growth. The most obvious response is to look for new clients, but it is easier said...Read More

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In our industry the popular Hindi adage "jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai" applies as well as it applies to any other. But unfortunately our industry is such that the rule has to be re-written. "Jo dikhta hai wahi bechna...Read More

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Lots of people choose the profession of an insurance advisor. Some people treat selling insurance as a part time vocation, while others choose it as a full time career. Irrespective of part time or full time nature...Read More

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Cricket and the art of fund management have some similarities. Thus, it is interesting to ponder as to why we still remember great cricketers and fund managers who achieved star status in their heyday...Read More

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The 67th year of Independence begins. One cannot help but continuously question the various aspects of independence. How independent are we as citizens? But even before that the question we need to ask...Read More