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Yesterday, we published an article Are Mutual Fund Infrastructure Funds suitable for you. In this article we discussed that by investing in Infrastructure Funds; you are probably over diversifying. Also, it is suited best to investors of high...Read More

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Infrastructure is said to be the tangible aspects such as roads, railways, transportation, electricity and so on which are indispensible to the day to day functioning of an economy. The state of the infrastructure is...Read More

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Infrastructure funds, which have been the biggest laggards in the last five years, are now making a strong comeback. Infrastructure sector funds, as a category, have given nearly 65% returns in the last year...Read More

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Reliance Banking Fund is the best BFSI sector fund in the last five years, on the basis of trailing annualized returns. The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector (BFSI) sector has the highest weightage...Read More