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Taking a home loan has become an essential part of buying a home in today’s straitened times. Real estate is prohibitively expensive in India, and most buyers have to take apply for a home loan to realise their house purchase dream...

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Foreclosure of a home loan is a wise decision as it helps lower the interest burden and brings down the overall cost of the property to the owner, while preserving the asset value. However, foreclosure of home loan could also be tricky, particularly if...

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Buying a home which you and your family can proudly call as your own is a life-time experience. It requires a lot of planning by family members about the exact necessities in a home and search for prospective homes and builders etc. Post these; you...

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India has been in the grip of a very high interest rate regime over the past few years. Home owners have seen a larger and larger portion of their equated monthly instalments (EMIs) going into interest payments...