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Invest in Equities Instead! as the Rental Yields are Lower than the Mortgage & Opportunity Value Creation through Equity Investment is Huge! “Well, No Graphs, Worm Charts etc & it’s comparison with Equity Holding Performance for similar period can give the Answer”! “You certainly don’t have to become a...Read More

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It’s true to say that once our palate has been served well with a great meal, our hunger subsides and the best of the cuisines would be insipid and unappetising.Similarly, our needs and desires have a strong correlation up to a certain age. So, once we start working, post our education, we often are not able to distinguish between our needs...Read More

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If you are an avid follower of content on the internet or investment-savvy or always keep yourself updated with the latest news, you would have known that Paytm has come up with the concept of investing in digital gold. Yes, you heard that right – from digital or...Read More

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In today’s times of fast lifestyles and rising inflation, it has become necessary to save money every month and also deposit it in a safe place. This ‘safe place’ is the savings bank account – it helps you deposit your spare cash and also earn interest on it...Read More

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Every business was once a start-up. Those who survived and built a successful setup are the ones who took that crucial step of business expansion. Many housing and non-housing companies offer loans for business expansion, with which you can do...Read More

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You have started investing but performances are far worse than what you anticipated. You soon start to make losses because of the falling markets. At first you ignored the phenomenon because it was a quick dip and would recover. However, instead of...Read More

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Nowadays, conversation of any importance always centers the young generation. It is solely because 60% of the population in India is young guns and they are making a difference to the economy. They are believed to be the major contributors to the...Read More

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Investing is not just about investing your saved up money and then forgetting about it. It is a means of generating a second source of income. Just the way you work hard to generate your primary income, at the initial stage even investing will...Read More

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Ask anyone, ‘what financial freedom is?’ they will tell you it is having the financial power and not being answerable to anyone. It is a time when you can say, ‘this is my money and I want to do (anything I wish) with this’ and actually doing...Read More

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As investors you are often told that investments are done with the aim of fulfilling personal financial goals. This is often said with the assumption that you have a financial goal or goals to fulfill. The idea of having personal goals...Read More