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Over the last few days the Nifty corrected from its 52 week high of 8,969 to 8715 (as on September 9, 2016). This 250 point (approx) correction may have come as a surprise to some investors, but to readers who have followed our technical...Read More

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If you invested 1 lac in Eicher Motors stock 10 years back, can you guess what your stock holding will be worth today? If you invested in Eicher Motors 10 years back and have been holding those shares till today, the value of your 1 lac investment today...Read More

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Birla Sun Life India Gennext Fund is relatively less well known mutual fund scheme with an AUM base of just around 360 crores. However, this fund is among the top mutual funds in terms of wealth creation for investors over the last 10 years. If you started a...Read More

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In our post Understanding the post Budget market rally: Will it be sustainable we discussed several technical factors leading up to the post budget rally and some important levels that investors should keep a watch on. We had mentioned in our...Read More

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The post Budget rally is continuing for the third consecutive day with the Sensex up by around 250 points and Nifty up around 75 points after two hours of trading on Thursday morning. In our blog post yesterday, Understanding the post Budget market...Read More

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When the Finance Minister was mid way through his Budget speech the Nifty fell sharply to the 52 week intraday low of 6,825. By the end of trading session on the Budget day, the Nifty had pulled back 150 points...Read More

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This month we are focusing on thematic mutual funds. We have covered top performing banking and infrastructure funds. In this article, we will review Sundaram Rural India Fund, a thematic fund focused on the rural development in...Read More

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When I began writing this post, I saw that the Nifty was below 7,200. For market observers 7,200 was an important level for the Nifty. Nifty below 7,200 means that it has corrected more than 1,800 points or 20% from its all time of 9,000 made in...Read More

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In the bull market years of 2006 and 2007 many investors gravitated to infrastructure mutual funds in the hope of getting extraordinarily high returns in a very short time. In fact, infrastructure funds did give outstanding returns during those years...Read More

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ICICI Prudential Exports and Other Services Fund is relatively less well known compared to the more popular funds from ICICI Prudential and other fund houses, but the long term performance of this fund has been nothing short of...Read More