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A 5,000 monthly SIP in Reliance Small Cap Fund over the last 5 years would have grown to a value of more than 6 lacs (as on 21.04.2016) while the investor would have invested only 3 lacs on a cumulative basis. The annualized SIP returns of this...Read More

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In the previous two articles in this series on Best Mutual Fund consistent performers, we discussed the most consistent Best mutual fund performers in the large cap and diversified equity categories. Consistent performance...Read More

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There is a perception among some mutual fund investors that larger the fund AUM (assets under management), better is the prospect of good performance. However, in reality there is no significant correlation between fund AUM...Read More

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You have been investing for a while in large cap funds and have been getting steady returns. While the steady returns keeps your investment from becoming stagnant, your portfolio is still lacking that aggressive edge where you can give it a push and...Read More

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The last one year has been very good for midcap funds. Midcap funds have given generated significantly superior returns relative to large cap funds over the last one to three year period, as can be seen in the...Read More

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A few days back we had reviewed the top large cap funds based on CRISIL’s most recent ranking. In this blog, we will review the top small and midcap funds While, in the last one year the large cap equity mutual funds...Read More

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ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund has given 25.5% returns since inception. The fund scores above most of its peers in the small and midcap category in terms of consistency of performance. CRISIL has ranked...Read More

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In our previous article, Best Diversified Equity funds for SIP in the last 5 years, we had looked at the top 10 diversified equity funds in terms of 5 year Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) returns. Small and...Read More

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The midcap stocks which had been trailing the large cap stocks for the greater part of 2013, in terms of returns, caught up with the large cap stocks by the end of the year, and over the past few months, especially after...Read More

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Small and midcap stocks have the potential to give higher returns than large cap stocks in a bull market. These stocks usually get beaten down more in market corrections, but good quality mid cap stocks rebound...Read More