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Have you wondered why many mutual fund houses have multiple products with very similar investment objectives and strategies? When we ask the fund houses, why they have two or more very similar products, they try to explain the differences between...Read More

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If you had invested Rs. 1 lac in DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund at the time of its inception (NFO) in the year 2000 the value of your investment today would be Rs. 14 lacs. The performance of this diversified equity fund in the recent years has also...Read More

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The last one year has been very challenging for equity markets. The leading market indices like the Sensex / Nifty have fallen more than 20% from their 52 week high and we are in a bear market...Read More

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The Principal Growth Fund has given excellent returns in the last four years after a superb turnaround in performance. This diversified equity flexicap fund was underperforming for many years but a major portfolio reshuffle in 2012...Read More

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There are now quite a few equity mutual funds in the market with Funds with concentrated or focused portfolios, some of which have been doing quite well also. Some investors may ask whether the fund manager can achieve the...Read More

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If you had invested Rs. 1 lac ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund NFO 11 years ago, the value of your investment on December 4 2015 would be Rs. 11 lacs. This implies the fund has given 11 times returns in the last 11 years. Very few...Read More

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Over the last 15 years, the frontline benchmark equity index Nifty has grown about 5.8 times. Over the same period, stocks like HDFC bank and Asian Paints grew by 50 to 60 times. The two companies mentioned are just examples. If you had...Read More

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Market cycles are realities that all equity investors have to live with. Over the past 15 years, we had three bear market cycles. Some economists are of the opinion that market cycles will get shorter in the future. However, irrespective of...Read More

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Reliance Top 200 Fund delivered very strong Systematic Investment Plan returns over the last 5 years. If you started a monthly SIP of 5,000 in the Reliance Top 200 Fund (Growth Option) five years back in November 2010, you would have...Read More

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Reliance Growth Fund and Reliance Vision Fund recently celebrated their 20th birthdays on October 8th. While it is common knowledge Reliance Growth Fund’s reputation of wealth creation is second to none, Reliance Vision...Read More