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For debt mutual fund investors with a long term investment horizon, dynamic bond funds are good investment options. While these funds are subject to interest rate risk, over a 3 year investment horizon these funds can give excellent returns. In fact, if you...

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Credit Opportunities funds, sometimes also known as corporate bond funds, are similar to short term debt funds. While short term debt funds are good investment options over a one to two years investment horizon for conservative investors...

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Government small savings schemes and bank fixed deposits are the automatic fixed income investment choices for the vast majority of retail investors. Based on information from various sources, the Government is expected to...

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In the previous article of our debt fund series this month, we had reviewed the top 6 short term debt mutual funds. As the name suggests short term debt or income funds are good low risk investment options for one or two years. In this blog...

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Public Provident Fund (PPF) is still one of the best tax saving investments for risk-averse investors. PPF offers the triple benefits of tax saving, risk free returns and tax free returns. As per the provisions of the...

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The Companies Act 2013 passed by the Parliament received the assent of the President of India on 29th August 2013. The Act consolidates and amends the law relating to companies.The Companies Act 2013 was notified...

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Most of us rely on our Tax Consultant, and CA or maybe TRP (Tax return preparer) for filing our annual ITRs (Income Tax Return) tax returns/ refund dues and also in case we receive some notice form...

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Do not forget as it is the last date for online filling of ITR for the FY 2011-12. The IT (Income Tax) Department provides an extended time for filing late ITR (Income Tax Return) till 2...