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This is sometimes an easy thing to overlook, but often the reason why our tasks take longer than we estimate. We allow ourselves to be distracted by what's around us and next thing you know you've started...

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The dismay and the dejection at the face of an inability to convert a prospect to a client gets written at large in a financial services products advisor's face, which takes a toll on the entire day. Much to the chagrin...

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What makes or mars a well laid out platter of food at the restaurant is the aroma that makes you either to salivate at the sight of the food or just sniff at the compromise called a cuisine. The fate of the food gets...

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On your way back to home, you receive a call from your mother to get 'mangoes' from the market. The market has received supplies of absolutely fresh varieties of the ripe, fleshy and juicy fruit and your family...