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ITI Mutual Fund has launched a New Fund Offer, ITI Focused Fund, an open-ended focused equity scheme which will invest in portfolio of maximum 30 high conviction stocks across market capitalization segments i.e. large cap, midcap and small cap. The NFO has opened for subscription on 29th May...Read More

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Through this below note and example, we are attempting to simplify the understanding. Hence, we have taken only actively managed equity funds as an example & as it also forms a bulk of the industry AUM today. (The article does not include any information on ETF, FOF & Index Funds & its proposals, if any). Now, will this really...Read More

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Retail investors in India have traditionally favoured Bank Fixed Deposits and Government Small Savings Schemes for their fixed income investments. However, fixed deposit interest rates have generally been declining over the last 10 years (see the chart below). Nominal interest rates are directly related to the inflation and GDP...Read More

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Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is one of the most popular ways of investing in mutual funds in India. More than Rs 10,000 crores gets invested through SIPs every month for the last few years. In FY 2022-23, Rs 1.56 lakh crores were invested in equity mutual funds through SIPs (source: AMFI, as on...Read More

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Sundaram Equity Savings Fund is an open-ended hybrid equity oriented mutual fund scheme. The scheme was launched in 2013. Minimum one-time investment amount in this scheme is Rs 100 and minimum additional investment amount is Rs 100. You can also invest in this fund through Systematic Investment Plan...Read More

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Yes, the markets are volatile & hence I call them as “Behavior of the Beast”. I have taken data points from April 2018 till April of 2023. It covers the FII, DII & MFs Gross Purchase, Gross Sales & Net Purchase/Sales and the S&P BSE 500 movement. The FIIs have been Net Negative at...Read More

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Balanced Advantage Funds, also known as Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds, are hybrid mutual funds which manage their asset allocation dynamically between equity and debt. The asset allocation will change depending on market conditions using quantitative asset allocation models. To know more, read this...Read More

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Systematic Investment Plans in our Mutual Fund Industry have become a product by itself. The industry has recorded the highest Gross SIP Inflows of INR 14,276 in March 2023, with overall inflows at INR 1,55,972 in FY 2022-23 and SIP Assets Under Management at INR 6,83,296 as on March 2023. The total...Read More

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To begin, let me applaud the huge efforts of all our Mutual Fund Distributor friends for a commendable effort in promoting SIPs as a wonderful tool for their clients to participate in Indian Equity Markets, India Growth Story, their Long-Term Financial Planning linked to Goal setting. Further, the...Read More

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Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund has recently completed 15 years. If you invested Rs 1 lakh in Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund at the time of its NFO, your investment would have grown to Rs 7.75 lakhs (as on 1st April 2023). The chart below shows how your investment would have grown over the last 15 years despite many...Read More