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Axis AMC has now launched its NFO: Axis Nifty IT Index Fund. The NFO period is from 27-Jun-2023 to 11-Jul-2023. The fund’s objective is to provide returns before expenses that correspond to the total returns of the NIFTY IT TRI subject to tracking errors. The Nifty IT index comprises of the 10 largest IT companies in...Read More

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PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund has been available for investors since March 04, 2015. As equities are a long-term investment product, one must consider at least 3-yrs returns during this period. The PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund’s trailing 3-year returns stand at 27.1% (Regular Growth plan as of 21-Jun-23). The benchmark (Nifty...Read More

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Sundaram Midcap Fund is a phenomenal long term wealth creation story. If you invested Rs 1 lakh in the scheme at the time of its launch in 2002, the value of your investment as on 23rd June 2023 would have been over Rs 80 lakhs. In other words, Sundaram Midcap Fund would have multiplied your investment by more than 80 times...Read More

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Asset allocation is spreading your investments over different asset classes, e.g. equity, fixed income, gold, real estate etc. The primary purpose of asset allocation is to balance risk and returns. If you are over-invested in one particular asset class, you may take too much risk or get sub-optimal portfolio returns. Through asset...Read More

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Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund was launched in Feb 2014. Since inception, the fund has given returns of 20%. To make it simpler, an investor who would have invested Rs 1 lakh when the fund was launched would be standing at Rs 5.65 lakh in their portfolio. This is phenomenal because if someone had invested...Read More

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Axis growth opportunities fund has been one of the best-performing large- and mid-cap funds in the last 1 year. The scheme was launched nearly 5 years back, and its performance since inception is stellar. If you invested Rs 1 lakh in the scheme at its inception / NFO in October 2018, your investment...Read More

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Mutual funds have come a very long way in India as part of household financial assets. As on 30th April 2023, there were nearly 15 crore mutual fund folios (source: AMFI). Retail investors and high net worth individuals (HNIs) held nearly Rs 24 lakh crores of mutual funds as part of their financial assets. Systematic...Read More

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If you had invested Rs 1 lakh in Nippon India Small Cap Fund at the time of its inception (September 2010), the value of your investment would have grown to nearly Rs 10.57 lakhs (as on 7th June 2023). The CAGR returns of this scheme since inception is over 20%. If you invested in the scheme with a...Read More

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In a few weeks, schools will reopen after summer vacation. The focus will be back on academics and school activities. Child’s education is one of the most important life-stage goals of parents, since good higher education is an important factor in career success of your child. Many parents will be willing to sacrifice some luxuries in...Read More

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Arbitrage funds are hybrid mutual fund schemes which aim to generate arbitrage profits by exploiting price differences of the same underlying assets in different capital market segments. These funds can also invest in debt and money market instruments. As per SEBI’s directive, arbitrage funds must invest at least 65% of their assets...Read More