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Nippon India Mutual Fund has launched a new fund offer, Nippon India Innovation Fund. Nippon India Innovation Fund is a thematic equity fund. The NFO has opened for subscription on 9th August and will close on 23th August 2023. The minimum application amount is Rs 500. Investing in Innovation theme, which...Read More

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Passive funds invest in a basket of securities replicating a market benchmark index. The weights of securities in the fund mirror the weights of the constituents in the index. Unlike actively managed mutual funds, passive funds do not aim to beat the market. There are two types of passive funds – exchange-traded funds...Read More

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How do you select mutual fund schemes for your investments? Most investors only check past performance. While returns are an important consideration for investing in mutual funds, there are other important factors you need to keep in mind to achieve your investment objectives. In this article, we will discuss...Read More

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Domestic consumption is one of the most important divers of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). India’s final consumption expenditure is 71% of India’s GDP (source: World Bank, 2022). Since liberalization India’s consumption expenditure has grown rapidly along with the growth in our GDP (see the chart below). In CY...Read More

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Passive funds are mutual fund schemes which track a benchmark market index. Unlike actively managed funds passive funds do not aim to beat the benchmark index. Passive investments have gained increasing popularity globally, over the last 2 decades, especially in developed markets. In the US, passive equity assets (AUM)...Read More

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Small cap funds have been in a rage among retail investors this year. In each of the months of the first quarter of this financial (FY 2023-24), small cap funds attracted the largest net inflows among all actively managed equity mutual fund categories. In April, May and June, small cap funds got net inflows Rs...Read More

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Index funds are passive mutual fund schemes that track an equity or debt market index. Unlike actively managed mutual fund schemes, index funds do not aim to beat the market benchmark index. Index funds simply aim to replicate the returns of the index subject to tracking errors. Index funds are very popular in developed...Read More

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Motilal Oswal large and midcap Fund has completed 3.8 years since launch. Though we usually review funds that have completed at least 5 years, Motilal Oswal large and midcap fund has caught our attention because it has been the best performing fund in the large and midcap category in the last one year (see our Best...Read More

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In the investment world, quantitative analysis has revolutionized the way financial decisions are made. Generally, quant funds utilize complex mathematical models and algorithms to make investment decisions. These funds harness the power of data, statistics, and computer programming to identify patterns, trends, and...Read More

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Small cap equity mutual funds have been a rage with retail investors over the past 3 months. The Nifty Small Cap 250 Index is at its record high. The small cap index has outperformed Nifty 50 by a big margin over the last 3 years (see the chart below) and has continued to outperform if we see recent returns e.g. last 1 month...Read More